Shantiratn Foundation ( Best Rehabilitation Centre for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Delhi): Shantiratn Foundation was started with a aim to help other suffering addicts and alcoholics. At Shantiratn Foundation we take good care of all our patients. It Provides safe, secure, effective & confidential treatment for addictions from alcohol or drug with high success rate in recovery. Shantiratn Foundation is a leading Rehabilitation Centre of south delhi which provides treatment for addiction- Alcohol Addiction, Drug Addiction & Dual Diagnosis.

Residential treatment at our centre is more effective as Residential Rehabilitation Program at Shantiratn consists of helping the patient to fight with his addiction with the help of Strict daily routine activities that includes Yoga, Meditation, Therapies, Individual as well as group counselling’s, 12 Step program, Personal Attention in Treatment and regular family meetings held at centre. With the help of family meetings we can evaluate the progress of treatment.

At Shantiratn Foundation we aim for a long term and complete recovery from addiction- Alcohol Addiction or Drug Addiction. Shantiratn Foundation has the highest recovery rate among all rehab centres in Delhi.

For any type of addiction treatment Call us for Help at 9811810801 for the Best Rehabilitation treatment Centre in Delhi.

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